The Hilderstone Miscellany

The Hilderstone Miscellany


Traditional cottages on the Sandon Road

Welcome. Thank you for visiting the Hilderstone Miscellany web site.

This site contains a number of miscellaneous items about Hilderstone, a village in rural mid Staffordshire, England.  We hope it will be of interest to you.

It seeks to provide an insight into a typical English village over the years. It is hoped that the site will grow and develop (probably in ways presently unforeseen) in the future. It will only evolve  in this way if people are kind enough to contribute to it. So if you have any information whatsoever relating to the village or the people connected with it, please contact the webmasters.  Their E-mail address is hilderstonemiscellany@gmail.com

The site provide information as to the village which it is hoped will be of interest to those visiting the site and which may not be readily available elsewhere.

At present there are pages relating to the entries relating to the village in the Doomsday Book, Christ Church, the Gerard family (lords of the manor for the village in the seventeenth century), the  toll road passing through the village, and other items we consider to be of interest. A gallery of drawings carried out at the beginning of the 21st century is included.

The latest additions are pages relating to the War Memorial and those who served their village and country in the two World Wars. There is also a page relating to a possible connection of Robin Hood with Hilderstone.  It will be seen that Hilderstone has connections with composers of world importance.  It is a matter for sadness that the series of concerts which celebrated this connection and were held in the village takes place no longer.

We hope you enjoy visiting this site. Please assist in maintaining its relevance by sending comments, contributions and questions to the webmasters of the Hilderstone Miscellany web site at hilderstonemiscellany@gmail.com

Unfortunately we have decided to discontinue the other web sites which we provided relating to village activities, due to lack of support.  We do hope those interested in Hilderstone and the history of a small village in Staffordshire will continue to view and support this site.  We are grateful to those, it is to be noted mainly from outside the village, who have done so.

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War Memorial

Robin Hood

Gerard Family

Edward Elgar

A Sullivan


Toll road

Horse dealer



Christ Church

Collins window




This web site is provided as a service to the village by J and D Crump.  Last updated 28 August 2015.  The compilation of, and the original material in, this site is copyright 1999 to 2015 J and D Crump.