The Hilderstone Miscellany

The Hilderstone Miscellany

The Hilderstone War Memorial

The War Memorial in Hilderstone is a fitting tribute to the men of the village who gave their lives during the two World Wars.  It is in the form of a Saxon cross and is to be found at the boundary of Christ Church burial ground and Cresswell Road.


Remembering the men of Hilderstone who served in the Great Wars of 1914 - 1918 and 1939 - 1945 but did not return  


"we know that all is well with you among the very brave, the very true" 

The War Memorial was made by Mr. H Charles Mitchell of Tamworth, to a design by J H Beckett of Longton.  It was dedicated on 31 July 1921.  To see a copy of the formal announcement of the unveiling and dedication click here.

On the pages which continue is some personal information relating to each of the heros who are commemorated.

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