The Hilderstone Miscellany

Domesday Book

The Hilderstone Miscellany

In feudal England all land was held directly or indirectly of the king.

The Domesday Book was prepared on the instructions of King William I ("the Conqueror"). It was intended to be a comprehensive list of landholdings in the kingdom. It was a remarkable feat that the  Domesday Book was produced by 1086 (i.e. only 20 years after the Norman Conquest).

There are two entries for Hilderstone in the Doomsday Book, variously

Hilduvestune and Heldulues tone. One entry relates to land held direct of the King and the other to a holding of Robert of  Stafford, who was the younger son of Roger of Tosny.

Robert of Stafford was eleventh in the list of Landowners in Staffordshire.

Translations of the entries are:

Land held of the King

"In Hilderstone virgate of land. Wulfric held it. Land for one plough."

Land of Robert of Stafford

"Robert holds the fifth part of one hide himself in Heldvlves tone. Dunning and Wulfric held it; they were free men. Land for 3 ploughs.

In Lordship 1;

    2 villagers, 2 smallholders and 2 slaves with one plough.

    Meadow, 1 acre; woodland 1 league long and wide.

Value 10s.

Vitalis holds from Robert."




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