The Hilderstone Miscellany

The Hilderstone Miscellany

The Collins window

The great glory of Hilderstone is the East Window of Christ Church. It is by William Collins and is a rare example of his work in situ in a working English church. It is of enamelled glass. The  central panel is of Christ consecrating the elements of the Mass. It is a copy of a painting by the Florentine master, Carlo Dolci. The panel was exhibited in London in 1828. The panel is set in the window flanked  by lancets all very much in the style of William IV.

We are doubly lucky since both the Collins panel and the original painting may be seen in the United Kingdom. The Collins can be seen at Hilderstone, the original Dolci was at Burghley House.

A photograph cannot do justice to the central panel of the East window.


The original at Burghley House, Stamford, Lincolnshire


Burghley House is not to be missed. The house is splendid and the paintings absolutely marvellous although the Dolci may be there no longer

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