The Hilderstone Miscellany

The Hilderstone Miscellany

An Aeroplane lands in Hilderstone


It is sometimes difficult to appreciate that air travel is an experience which has come into being during the lifetime of some of the present villagers of Hilderstone. In 1930 an aeroplane landed in  Hilderstone and it was much more of an event of note than it would be today.

In 1930, Mr Gleeson, a relative of the Reverend John Masefield, vicar of Christ Church, Hilderstone, came to visit him by aeroplane. Mr Gleeson landed in a nearby field. Mr Masefield informed the  schoolmaster, Mr Hobson, of the impending arrival and when they learned the news the children at the school were excited at the prospect. The schoolchildren were allowed to go to the field and watch the aircraft  land.

The plane was a two seater. Mr Gleeson and his passenger wore sheepskin helmets, leather flying jackets and flying boots. When they landed the children cheered and applauded. The visitors were very  friendly to the children and showed them the controls of the aeroplane and let them inspect it closely. They then sent to the local shop for iced buns, which were distributed to those present. This event made March  1930 a memorable month for the children and Hilderstone as a whole.

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